That raw cannabis stash you have is packed with a ton of THCA. As you are smoking your weed, those THCA molecules begin to lose its potency in the way of carbon dioxide and water vapor, turning into THC and causing a decarboxylation of the raw materials.

If you are ingesting the cannabis and want the same psychoactive effect you get when the weed is heating, then you have to learn how to decarb weed before cooking with it.

Understanding About Temperatures

When it comes to the decarboxylation of your weed, it is important that you first understand that the lower the heating temperature, the longer it will eventually take to decarb the weed.

​One advantage to a lower temperature is that you will be losing less potent terpenes in the process, which is a good thing.

The terpenes are those pungent oils which color the cannabis and give it those pine, citrus, and berry flavors.

These terpenes also help promote focus, relieve stress, and improve metal awareness.

The following is a brief breakdown of decarb temps and times:

  • ​212 degrees: boiling weed with water for 90 minutes
  • 240 degrees: Cook weed in oven for up to 40 minutes
  • 250 degrees: Heat in hot oil bath until bubbles recede
  • 310 degrees: Cook in oven up to 10 minutes
  • Thee Decarboxylation Methods

Before making use of these three decarboxylation methods, grind your weed so it dries out evenly and loses less potency.

Method 1.

  • Place the cannabis in a heat-proof container of cooking oil bath of canola oil that is heated to 250 degrees. Stir the weed slowly to break up any bubbles.
  • ​Once the bubbles slow down, remove the cannabis oil or leave on low heat until all bubbles stop.

Method 2.

  • Preheat your oven to either 240 or 310 degrees as explained above.
  • ​Sprinkle the weed on a nice size pie plate and the cover with some silver foil and crimp along to edges of the plate.
  • ​Place in the oven for the desired times as noted above, keep in longer for fresher material and less for the drier.
  • ​Once the desired time has elapsed, turn off your oven and remove the plate.
  • Allow the plate to cool before you begin to remove the foil. This will allow vapors to absorb into the cannabis.

Method 3.

  • Place your cannabis into a boilable cooking bag or pouch. Be sure to seal the bag before submerging in water.
  • Place the bag of cannabis in a pot of boiling water for 90 minutes, be sure that the pot does not boil dry and damage the pouch.
  • ​After 90 minutes remove the bag slowly and allow to properly cool before opening and accessing the cannabis inside.
  • Now that you have a better understanding as to how to decarb weed, you will be able to enjoy the full strength of your cannabis next time you want to party.
  • ​The decarboxylation process triggers the powerful THC and allows you yet another way to enjoy smoking without having to do things the traditional way.
  • Whether boiling or baking, you lock in the power of the cannabis while releasing only moisture trapped inside.